Financial Services

The Financial Services team at FTI Consulting helps financial services firms meet regulatory obligations, carry out Board reviews, implement robust systems and controls, and provide confidence to all key stakeholders that their business is well controlled. Financial Services is led by senior executives with extensive industry, regulator and consulting experience, who understand first-hand the challenges clients face, including leadership, management, technology and the pressures of managing conflicting priorities.

Clients turn to us when they need a partner who understands the expectations of regulators and other stakeholders, has knowledge of good market practices and provides customised, practical and sustainable solutions to ensure their Board’s effectiveness.

Our Service Offerings

Governance & Culture

Designing and implementing robust corporate governance programmes that embrace corporate culture/values… More

Risk Management and Systems & Controls

Helping clients to evaluate, design and embed holistic programmes based on risk management areas and objectives… More

Retail & Wholesale Conduct Risk

Embedding systems and controls that make customer interests central to all we do and maintain industry integrity… More

Financial Crime

Helping clients identify/assess risk, respond to regulatory action. and enhance existing risk management programmes… More

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