Data Analytics

The FTI Consulting Data & Analytics (D&A) team relies upon a number of analytical software packages to join disparate data sets into a single repository, performs various analyses upon them, and identifies trends, patterns and outliers to detect fraud.

Our D&A professionals have extensive experience in the managing and mining of large complex information systems. The nature of business processes and transactional systems within the modern enterprise afford new opportunities for fraudulent activity by both employees and third parties. Understanding these systems, and the relationships and interactions between them, is imperative. D&A’s fraud analytics relies on customised methodologies to suit a particular investigative need and are based upon a large analytics library of possible fraud indicators. FTI Consulting uses a number of skills and processes to aid in fraud detection across the enterprise, including:

  • Database intrusion and compromise analytics focused on log file parsing and the analysis of the actions of users within the systems
  • PEP (politically exposed persons) analysis: matching high-risk individuals against suppliers, customers, agents and employees, OFAC and sanction lists (SDN)
  • High-risk payment analysis
  • SWIFT message parsing for ease of review by counsel and clients to track the flow of funds between financial institutions
  • Identification of evidence of the manipulation of system processes or programs to facilitate fraudulent activity
  • Identification of “red flags” to support the investigation of fraud

The D&A team uses the following technologies, among others:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • mySQL
  • Hadoop
  • Tableau
  • D&A-developed proprietary tools
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