Ten Predictions How COVID-19 Will Transform Private Equity

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

June 18, 2020

Join Antoine Dréan and John Geel in a discussion on how COVID-19 has already changed private equity and predictions on how the industry will continue to be transformed by the pandemic.

FTI Consulting surveyed a number of Private Equity Investors who invest in South Africa to understand how this period of 'business unusual' has impacted their business, their current portfolios and how they expect investing in a post COVID-19 world to be different.

Whilst the current focus of Private Equity Investors may be to proactively manage and minimise the impact of COVID-19 and the imposed lockdowns on portfolio companies, we believe, from feedback received, that they will, over the coming months not only consider a new approach to portfolio diversification, but also reconsider the way in which they evaluate new investments, including the types and level of due diligence applied, timing of exits, as well as transaction funding and structures, amongst others.

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Key Contact

John Geel

Senior Managing Director, Head of South Africa Corporate Finance