Brexit and the UK’s Future Relationship with the EU and the Wider World


As the UK Government and the EU27 progress phase 2 of the Brexit negotiations, focus shifts to the trading relationship between the two. With speculation continuing about what can be agreed before March 2019 and the need and length for an extended transition period, business and trade continues. But it needs clarity. With a mutual trading relationship worth an estimated €630 billion, much is at stake.

You may be considering:

  • What will focus and prioritise minds - trade or politics?
  • What kind of deal could the UK achieve?
  • What will the remaining EU27 be prepared to give?
  • How are sectors being prioritised?
  • How do you manage the commercial transition?

Consider Brexit’s trade impacts on your business:

Be prepared to protect your business. Any organisation with a vested interest in the trading relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom should be carefully assessing how the negotiations are evolving and the potential impact to your business model.

How FTI Consulting can help

FTI Consulting’s International Trade practice is well placed to help your business meet the challenges and identify the opportunities.

  • Identify trade negotiation issues - Campaign platforms, Investor relations, internal communications, supplier outreach
  • Develop a trade priority road map - Influence public opinion and maximise impact
  • New trade opportunities, post Brexit - Manage any negative scenarios or outcomes
  • Modelling the impact of changes in the trade environment - Manage any negative scenarios or outcomes

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