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July 31, 2015

shale gas europe

Shale gas has the potential to revolutionise the European energy market but, like all new technologies, it attracts fear and doubt.

Shale Gas and ‘fracking’ has been attracting many headlines recently, but few are aware that the technology has existed since the 1940s. Fewer still know that generating power from shale gas could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50% (In the USA, one of the first countries to pursue shale gas, carbon dioxide emissions are already at their lowest for 20 years.)

The public debate generates strong emotions, but hard facts are in rather short supply. We set out to change this by launching Shale Gas Europe – a dedicated resource which seeks to communicate to a diverse range of audiences about the role of shale gas in Europe’s future energy mix.

Backed by key industry partners including Chevron, Cuadrilla, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Shell, Statoil and TOTAL, Shale Gas Europe helps to ensure that commentary on this important subject is based on reliable information rather than hype and sensationalist misreporting. Shale Gas Europe’s credentials are strong: its Expert Advisory Panel features some of Europe’s most respected energy academics.

Although it targets political stakeholders (including EU institutions, MEPs, national governments, think tanks and diplomatic missions), Shale Gas Europe is not a lobbying organisation and does not engage in political activity. Rather, it is an extensive library and respected go-to resource centre, whose audience also includes journalists, Think Tanks, NGOs, academics, energy commentators and the general public from across the EU.

To connect with these audiences, Shale Gas Europe uses a comprehensive networking, outreach and social media programme.

An established press office provides media rebuttals and rapid response to incorrect and misleading reports or articles and proactive commentary around key milestones. Twitter has been extensively deployed to engage with a diverse range of key stakeholders and opinion influencers.

The Shale Gas Europe website provides an online presence and knowledge centre, with regular blogs, factsheets, third party commentary and published reports, all available in English, German and Polish.

Our work has brought results. In 2014 Shale Gas Europe secured 200 pieces of media coverage in 18 countries around Europe and internationally. Followers on social media have increased exponentially and includes regular interaction with key opinion formers such as journalists. politicians, academics and environmental campaigners and lobbyists.

Outcome: Thanks to Shale Gas Europe, there has been a significant recalibration of the debate about this important energy supply.

Shale gas has the potential to revolutionise the energy world in Europe but, like all new and innovative technologies, it attracts fear and doubt.

That’s fertile ground for scaremongering by those with their own agenda. Thanks to Shale Gas Europe, there has been a significant recalibration of the debate. Shale Gas Europe is now a valuable and respected go-to-resource with a share of the voice with both a national and European dialogue. Industry is now heard, activists are engaged and the opinions of a wider range of commentators are being solicited.

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