Gas/Electricity Sectors Coupling

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November 2, 2020

Gas Pipes

FTI Consulting was commissioned to conduct a review, based on interviews with market participants, aimed at highlighting the main barriers to gas/electricity sectors coupling and providing possible solutions that could be readily implemented. The recommendations made by FTI Consulting in this study were submitted to the European Commission by the association GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe).


The European Commission requested policy recommendations on Sector Coupling from industry participants, which prompted the need to have a fact-based review of the existing barriers to gas/electricity sectors coupling.

Our Role

FTI-CL Energy was commissioned to conduct a review of some of the key barriers to sector coupling based on personal interviews with market participants. Based on numerous interviews, we synthesized the views from the industry in four dimensions (Market design barriers, Regulatory barriers, Technical barriers, and Governance barriers), stemming separately to Gas-to-Power and Power-to-Gas. Beyond the mapping of the key barriers, we also analyzed the practical potential solution that could be implemented to alleviate the issue.

Our Impact

GIE included our study in its submission to the European Commission, as a public contribution to the debate on policy design, which is available here.

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