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November 11, 2020

Blue Chip

Increasing efficiencies, reducing risks, saving time and reducing cost have all been traditional benefits of Tax Technology. With the added pressure of Tax Authority Digitalisation, such as HMRC’s Making Tax Digital program and Digital Journey requirements, tax departments need to adjust how they operate; changing processes and technologies to comply. It’s not all a burden though, as new technologies such as machine learning and data analytics open up new opportunities for the tax department.

Our Tax Technology Advisory team provides end-to-end advice across the tax technology spectrum, enabling our clients to solve their most pressing issues. Tax technology can provide taxpayers with the support they need to remain compliant, whilst also providing time efficiencies and enhanced reporting opportunities. Tax technology will also allow businesses to improve their overall tax processes — reducing risk, increasing efficiency and providing greater control over tax data and processes.

Our skilled team have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of tax technology and across all areas of taxation, from corporate tax automation, to indirect tax analytics, to statutory accounts and ERP integration. Comprised of specialists with Big Four accounting firm and software development backgrounds, our team offers unique client-focussed insights.

In this service sheet, we look at how FTI Consulting can help you to identify the most effective solutions for your business in saving time, improving quality, and adding value to your tax technology. This may require new solutions, or improving how the old ones integrate and automate; extra tools or staff training; process change or data analytics.

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