Healthcare Commercial Due Diligence

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July 21, 2020


FTI Consulting’s commercial due diligence provides critical insight regarding value of the business and future cash flows. Our experts have years of experience in health-related mergers and acquisitions and have served as economic experts before U.S. and international agencies. As one of the best competition economics firms in the world, we are a proven partner for regulatory transactions.

  • We evaluate the impact of marketplace disruptions, including new technology, to create current estimates of market size and expected changes over time. We create empirical models to appraise demand for healthcare products and services.
  • We conduct bespoke surveys and interviews to gather information relating to customer satisfaction, willingness to switch and brand perception.
  • We carefully assess management assertions, testing for reasonableness, and offer alternatives when appropriate.
  • We perform regulatory risk analysis to determine threats to regulatory approval and perform scenario analysis of possible divestures to remedy antitrust concerns.
  • We work with our clients to identify evidence, create analysis and develop compelling value propositions for products and services.
  • We layer critical detail onto P&Ls to precisely allocate costs and identify avoidable costs, providing critical information needed to streamline the business.

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