Development Advisory Service Sheet

Real Estate

October 26, 2018

Successful real estate development requires well defined relationships between investors, developers, and public sector stakeholders to create and execute complex development projects. Well selected projects require a balance between public investment, fiscal benefits and appropriate risk adjusted returns for the private sector. Access to capital and the ability to articulate project economics and benefits to satisfy investor and regulatory requirements are key drivers for creating maximum project value.

The Services


  • Highest and best-use - optimal development concepts and opportunities to maximize asset value
  • Land-use – development patterns, zoning, and public policy analyses
  • Economic and community development - incentives and community benefits, program opportunities and local partnerships
  • Public benefits and capitalization – program assessment and capital planning, cost shedding


  • Project program and public policy review – community assessment and performance
  • Market and financial feasibility – site assessment, supply and demand, land residual analysis, sources and uses, pro forma cash flow, project value
  • Investment analyses – capitalization and transaction structures, priority of cash flows, exit strategies

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