Data Centre Location Analysis

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November 14, 2017

Data centre locations have become scarce owing to ever-increasing customer demand for suitable locations, seen especially in large business hubs such as London, New York and Frankfurt. Advanced modelling makes it possible to consider additional options and optimise the eventual choice.

To be worth considering, a data centre site should be economically viable and situated away from natural and man-made risks, such as those from flooding or fuel dumps. Most importantly, sites need access to stable electrical power supplies of sufficient wattage to support the data centre load. In major cities, however, power supplies cannot always be upgraded in a timely manner. A detailed understanding of a location’s access to power, and of the quality of the supply, is therefore essential, but data is sometimes sparse.

Sophisticated modelling can be used to augment existing data about power and other parameters, and provide the foundation for site selection. Remote sensing techniques combined with interrogation of planning records, news feeds and other “surrogate” information sources can build up a data set suitable for the modelling process.

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