Reflections on the World of Business and Finance in 2015

Definitive Expertise

FTI Consulting

January 22, 2016

Collage of landmarks from the EMEA Region

In just a few years, FTI Consulting has grown to become one of the pre-eminent multi-disciplinary consulting firms in the world, helping clients to anticipate and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as forensic investigations, litigation, regulation, reputation management and business restructuring.

We have been a trusted advisor during some of the most memorable events in recent history, including landmark celebrity legal cases, international crises and disputed presidential elections.

Given the nature of our work, our professionals have lived and worked behind the scenes, and behind the headlines, for nearly three decades. We’ve been integral to our clients’ success but often invisible to much of the outside world. Yet our experience and expertise enables us to offer valuable insights into a range of critical business and economic issues.

Throughout 2015 our experts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa published a wide variety of papers which we have republished in this review of the year. We hope you find their insights as informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable as we have.

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