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February 29, 2016

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Our Economic and Financial Consulting practice provides a leading team of experienced expert witnesses.

Issues of economics, finance, valuation or accountancy often arise in disputes. The parties, their counsel, courts and tribunals seek clear and reliable advice on those issues.

We help to resolve disputes in jurisdictions throughout the world in litigation, arbitration and expert determination by providing such advice.

In the following pages, we introduce 31 practitioners based in London, Paris, Madrid and Cape Town and illustrate the skills and experience of our teams in the EMEA region.

Each of these practitioners knows from direct experience what is required to meet the duties of an expert witness. They know what it takes to help the court or tribunal through the presentation of oral evidence in chief and under cross-examination. All of our practitioners have considerable experience in preparing written evidence for use by courts and tribunals.

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Key Contacts

Mark Bezant

Senior Managing Director, Head of EMEA & Asia-Pacific Economic & Financial Consulting

Mike Pilgrem

Senior Managing Director