Doing Business in Russia and the CIS Brochure

Financial Services

November 26, 2018


FTI Consulting has a long-established track record of helping clients in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) assess their exposure to the region, understand the risks and opportunities, and respond to unwelcome complexity. We have worked with the regions corporate leaders, large multi-national companies, government institutions and sovereign nations as well as their lawyers, advisors, lenders and investors to help them successfully navigate the local business landscape.

Local Understanding

We have first-hand regional experience having lived and worked in Russia and the CIS, and supported clients across myriad sectors in those jurisdictions. Our team can speak over 20 languages and includes native Russian and other Slavic speakers. We combine this multi-lingual expertise with a deep knowledge of local, cultural and business customs.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Russian and CIS engagements can be complex, and need the support of specialist experts. We are home to world class forensic investigators, data analysts, communication specialists and IT experts who can support you with:

  • delivering insights that help shape strategies
  • uncovering the facts behind fraud allegations
  • dealing with disputes
  • communicating effectively with stakeholders

Global Footprint

Most Russian and CIS engagements will have an international element to them. Our global presence in 28 countries, including all major finance capitals, means we can bring together professionals across the world to support you on multi-national engagements. We help you deal with the complex and nuanced differences between the CIS and other jurisdictions.

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