Impacts of Brexit on the Pharmaceutical Industry

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October 30, 2017

FTI Consulting is an independent global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes.

With dedicated teams in key political and commercial capitals, FTI Consulting is well placed to help you navigate your Brexit challenges and manage commercial risk. Our Brexit Leadership team outlines the key issues facing the pharmaceutical industry and what companies should be focusing on amidst the political uncertainty.

The Pharmaceutical industry has already been facing multiple issues impacting performance:

Speciality Meds Pipeline

  • Increasing focus on orphan drug designation and patents on OMPs
  • Greater scrutiny of relationships between industry and physicians
  • More Medtech/Pharma joint offerings to support patient care

Pricing Pressures Due To:

  • Increased scrutiny on outcomes, effectiveness and real-world-evidence to build new pricing models
  • Increasing competition
  • Government funding restrictions
  • Spiralling healthcare costs due to demographic change
  • Threat from generics and biosimilars

Economic Downturn

  • Healthcare reforms focussed on reducing prices
  • Promotion of generics and biosimilar
  • Increased emphasis on out-of-pocket payments

Escalating Costs

  • Demographic change drive-up high-cost care demand.
  • Increasing regulation on testing and drug approvals and quality assurance processes
  • Poor utilisation of assets

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