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Planning & Scheduling

FTI Consulting employs specialists in critical path method (CPM) schedule development, review and progress evaluation for all phases of a capital project. Our professionals are adept at creating and evaluating bid, baseline, recovery and start-up and commissioning schedules, as well as performing complex schedule delay analyses.

In response to the growing prevalence of Building Information Modelling (BIM), FTI Consulting has developed a 4D scheduling service. Our experts compile the relevant BIM information from the project stakeholders and link the physical representations of building elements to activities in the CPM schedule. The end result is a robust graphic model that displays the planned construction sequence over time. Clients can view the virtual construction of the project as sequenced in the CPM schedule.

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Key Contact

David Murphy

Senior Managing Director, Head of Middle East Construction Solutions

Alastair Farr

Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe Construction Solutions