How We Are Unique

We Are Unique

Working at FTI Consulting is not like working anywhere else.

Here are just a few reasons why:

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    Our People

    We are a people company. It’s the talent and expertise of FTI Consulting employees that make us what we are.

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    Smaller Client Teams

    We work in smaller client teams than many competitors. As a result, you’ll get more closely involved with pitches and often have direct access to the client’s key decision-makers.

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    Knowledge Exchange

    Knowledge exchange is a pillar of our culture, where our people at all levels have the opportunity to do real, meaningful work.

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    Industry Experts/Mentors

    We employ world-renowned industry experts who help serve as your mentors.

  • Industry Exposure
    Industry Exposure

    You’ll be exposed to a broad range of different industries and specialities at all levels.

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    High Profile Involvement

    We work on high-profile projects. Pick up The Economist and The Times any day of the week, and you usually can read about something on which you’re working.

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    Comprehensive Benefits

    FTI Consulting can offer a competitive and attractive rewards package, excellent training and development opportunities, a supportive and friendly environment and the opportunity to achieve your potential.

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    Growth History

    We are a business that’s growing, both around the world and in the services we offer. Join us, and you can make a key contribution to the future of a great organisation.

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