FTI Ringtail Introduces Near-Duplicate Detection Powered by Equivio

Annapolis, MD - July 19, 2006
Annapolis, July 19th, 2006 – FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN), a premier provider of problem-solving consulting and technology services to major corporations, financial institutions and law firms, today announced the introduction of a new service for detection of near-duplicate files. The “near-duping” capability, based on patent-pending technology from Equivio, is being offered as part of FTI's Native File Processing service for use with the FTI Ringtail ASP.

“FTI Consulting is committed to deploying innovative technologies that reduce the cost and burden of litigation," said Eddie O'Brien, Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting, Inc. “Equivio's ability to group near-duplicates generates a compelling ROI. In a recent case involving over 40 million pages, Equivio's software identified more than 25% near-duplicates. This represents a saving of millions of dollars in review costs.”

FTI Consulting is using Equivio's near-duping capability to identify near-duplicates in electronic files, emails and OCR files. Equivio is seamlessly integrated with the FTI Ringtail ASP, allowing the user to:

• view and sort documents by the near-duplicate grouping
• assign near-duplicate groups for review by a given attorney
• review all members of a near-duplicate set together, ensuring coherent systematic review
• compare near-duplicate documents
• ensure integrity of attributes, such as privilege or responsive codes, through all members of a near-duplicate set

In parallel, Equivio's product is being integrated within Ringtail Legal, FTI's web-based litigation management technology, for direct install customers. "In integrating Equivio, FTI has again demonstrated its technological leadership in the forensics and litigation arena," said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. "The adoption of our product by a top-tier computer forensics and electronic discovery provider such as FTI is a strong vindication of Equivio's technology. More importantly, the enthusiastic feedback from FTI customers is clear support of the business value that near-duplicate detection brings to the table.”

About Ringtail
Ringtail Legal 2005 enables more efficient and effective document review, delivering substantial cost and time savings, thereby allowing attorneys to better focus on winning their cases. The easy-to-manage and deploy web-based litigation support technology can scale to handle hundreds of users, thousands of cases and millions of documents. Additional information is available at www.ftiringtail.com.

About FTI Consulting
FTI is a premier provider of problem-solving consulting and technology services to major corporations, financial institutions and law firms when confronting critical issues that shape their future and the future of their clients, such as financial and operational improvement, major litigation, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory issues. FTI has 25 offices in major US cities, and offices in Europe, Asia and Australia. FTI's total workforce of more than 1,400 employees includes numerous PhDs, MBAs, CPAs, CIRAs and CFEs, who are committed to delivering the highest level of service to clients. Additional information is available at: www.fticonsulting.com.

About Equivio
Equivio offers patent-pending technology to detect and group near-duplicate files. Equivio creates a compelling ROI in all business situations in which people need to analyze or manage large sets of documents. By grouping near-duplicates, Equivio enables the review of each set of similar documents as a single coherent entity, systemizing the review process and enhancing efficiency. These capabilities save time and effort, improve review quality and ensure consistent treatment of similar documents. For more information, visit www.equivio.com.

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