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The FTI Consulting Technology team helps you meet e-discovery challenges head on – from the review of email and electronic documents through to the new paradigm of instant messaging platforms and financial chat rooms. We provide a full and flexible range of services from forensic data collection to managed document reviews.

Our team of global professionals includes industry experts, e-discovery experts, software developers and forensic specialists who are experienced in many of the largest e-discovery matters of the past decade. We work directly with corporations and their law firms on the front lines, helping them with challenges such as collection from the cloud, multinational discovery and e-discovery cost control. Learn more at ftitechnology.com.

Our Service Offerings

E-discovery Consulting

The FTI Consulting Technology team is an industry leader in managing e-discovery projects of any scale or… More

Relativity E-discovery Software

FTI Technology’s expert e-discovery services, when combined with the Relativity E-discovery Software platform… More

Managed Document Review

Our managed review services provide comprehensive legal review globally with laser focus on review effectiveness… More

Collections & Computer Forensics

No matter the type, geography or scale of an investigation, or the type of data involved, we deliver right-sized… More

Information Governance & Compliance Services

FTI Consulting Technology professionals use Information Governance & Compliance Services to help develop and… More

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