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Restructuring & Financial Issues Communications

The Restructuring & Financial Issues Communications practice supports clients through the life cycle of a financial event, including strategy and message development, materials development, announcement execution and post-event positioning, with the primary focus of maintaining the confidence and support of their stakeholders. Our expertise includes in- and out-of-court financial restructurings, asset sales, lender negotiations, financial reporting issues, accounting investigations, credit downgrades and other related matters. Working as part of the larger advisory team, we may involve our colleagues in the Corporate Finance & Restructuring segment.

FTI Consulting approaches every client engagement with an unrelenting focus on three core principles:

  • Context Matters: A one-time financial issue or event — and a company’s response to it — must be explained in the context of the company’s longer-term business objectives, strategy and performance. FTI Consulting develops a compelling narrative that articulates how a company is definitively addressing past challenges and is positioning itself for longer-term success.
  • Companies Must Deliver the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time: Working closely with management, department heads and in-house communicators, FTI Consulting develops a detailed announcement timeline that ensures that information reaches all stakeholders on a timely basis and with a consistent message.
  • Communication Is a Two-Way Street: What a company learns from its stakeholders is just as important as what it communicates to them. FTI Consulting works with its clients to ensure that communications are based on insights from investors, employees, customers, regulators, suppliers, communities and other business partners.

Communications strategies tailored to a client’s specific needs may include some or all of the following services:

  • Pre-announcement scenario planning, including leak mitigation strategies and post-announcement contingency planning
  • Message and media training for key communicators
  • Proactive and reactive media strategies
  • Briefing of key regulators, government officials and influencers
  • Investor relations outreach and call management
  • Training of procurement, merchant and accounting teams, as well as supplier call center management
  • Creation of print, digital and in-person communications
  • Translation, video production, website development, and coordination of meetings and calls
  • Post-event stakeholder research highlighting current perceptions and opportunities
  • Ongoing positioning programs and thought leadership
  • Employee engagement and change management
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