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Proxy Fights & Shareholder Activism

Shareholder activism is on the rise, making it increasingly important for boards and executives to be actively engaged with investors year round. Activists are conducting more professional campaigns than in the past, hiring banking and public relations firms to produce materials that communicate in-depth analyses of targeted companies. These firms are sophisticated in their approach — seeking structural changes and longer-term involvement with targeted companies rather than solely focusing on short-term gains. The Balance Sheet Activism strategy has expanded potential activist targets to include well-performing companies that have the means to make a shareholder distribution through cash on hand or leverage.

FTI Consulting works with clients to provide critical counsel and tactical support to both deter shareholder activism and defend against an activist campaign. The specialists in our Proxy Fights & Shareholder Activism teams across the globe help companies not only communicate strategic plans to large investors but also to the broader market directly and through key influencers.

FTI Consulting helps clients understand, anticipate and respond to corporate governance and activism threats with client services, including:

Analysis & Research:

  • Shareholder sentiment assessment
  • Industry peer evaluation
  • Shareholder base and voting analysis

Scenario Planning & Defence Materials:

  • Activism prevention strategies and communications
  • Activism defence plans and engagement strategies
  • Messaging platforms and shareholder engagement materials

Engagement Planning & Execution:

  • Shareholder and key influencer prioritisation
  • Shareholder and media communications
  • Resource assessment and support
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