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Litigation Communications

Litigation can affect a company’s business prospects and its standing with key stakeholders. In turn, stakeholders can affect the course of litigation and how a case ultimately is resolved. The FTI Consulting Litigation Communications teams are involved in matters throughout the world. We help clients prepare for and manage communications around legal issues, positioning their most persuasive arguments for vital audiences. Our specialists work in concert with client litigation strategies to achieve a company’s institutional goal: to resolve a matter with the most favourable legal, financial and reputational terms.

FTI Consulting Litigation Communications specialists combine legal experience, industry expertise and success in senior communications roles to provide clients with informed, actionable counsel. Our teams often work collaboratively with our colleagues in the Global Risk & Investigations Practice. We have advised clients on hundreds of cases in every legal field; developed deep sector knowledge over many years; and, before joining the firm, worked as practising lawyers/barristers/solicitors, government officials, journalists, political advisers and corporate spokespeople.

The FTI Consulting Litigation Communications practice provides clients with two distinct offerings:

  • Litigation Communications Management:
    • Bet-the-company litigation
    • Lawsuits with potentially significant reputational and/or operational impact
  • Litigation Communications Preparation:
    • Analysation, prioritisation and advisement on reputational risks within the litigation docket
    • Issues workshops to identify and prepare for potential litigation threats to the organisation

Our specific services in these areas include but are not limited to:

  • Foundational stakeholder assessment
  • Stakeholder and opinion research
  • Message development
  • Media relations
  • Third-party ally development
  • Digital, video and analytic services
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