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Investor Community Events

Investment community events — such as formal Investor/Analyst Days or on-site investor visits — allow for two-way communication with the investment community and are a productive investment of time and money for both the company and the audience. The Capital Markets Communications professionals at FTI Consulting provide strategic counsel and support to clients, spanning:

  • Event Design: Select the location and theme and plan the event agenda
  • Pre-event Survey Research: Gauge expectations and drive messaging and content development for the event
  • Pre-event Targeting: Attract the right audience to the event, focusing on those who will benefit most from event content
  • Materials Development: Create the investor presentation, key messages, event videos and other interactive components
  • Rehearsal and Q&A: Drive the rehearsal process, provide feedback and draft the Q&A; hold mock Q&A sessions; and provide presentation and compliance/disclosure training
  • Media Engagement: Develop a tailored financial media programme around the event
  • Post-event Survey Research: Gauge the success of the event and the return on investment and provide recommendations on the ongoing investor engagement programme and future events
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