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Capital Markets Research & Perception Audits

FTI Consulting uses capital markets research and perception audits to help companies identify and manage the critical factors that affect reputation and enterprise value. Our Capital Markets Communications team consists of former investment community professionals, chartered financial analysts and statisticians who leverage their deep knowledge and extensive network of relationships within the investment community to conduct a wide range of research and analysis for clients.

The research serves as a foundation for a company’ communications planning and strategy development and enables the organisation to:

  • Drive more effective and efficient investor relations programmes
  • Improve message resonance
  • Increase the return on investment of investor targeting and engagement
  • Inform board and management decisions
  • Predict investor reactions to corporate developments

FTI Consulting has in-depth expertise in helping clients assess and communicate a new strategy or transformative M&A, identify the best capital allocation policy, and evaluate and prepare for critical risks to enterprise value, including the threat of shareholder activism.

To accomplish this, FTI Consulting has a variety of offerings, including:

  • Perception audits
  • Investor targeting and engagement
  • Message testing and narrative development
  • Programme benchmarking and reporting
  • Financial modelling and valuation analyses

These offerings are underpinned by an array of methodologies, including both quantitative and qualitative primary research, as well as secondary research, across multiple stakeholder groups.

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