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Best Practice Investor Relations Programmes

Investor relations professionals are increasingly overwhelmed. They have too many stakeholders to manage and too much information coming from every direction that is moving too fast. On top of that, there are endless unforeseen regulatory, legal, proxy and compliance challenges that often seem to pop up out of nowhere. FTI Consulting helps clients navigate through this dynamic landscape using industry-leading investor relations programmes that can include:

  • Strategic Counsel: Provide communications counsel on an ongoing basis, with senior account professionals on call to advise management on a variety of issues
  • Corporate Messaging: Identify gaps in company messaging and establish a common messaging framework that can be used with investor and non-investor audiences alike
  • Earnings Support: Provide earnings debrief, creation and refinement of earnings materials, Q&A development and preparation, and logistics surrounding the earnings announcement process
  • Collateral Development: Prepare investor relations website, press releases, investor presentations, investor videos and annual reports
  • Market Intelligence: Provide ongoing intelligence regarding the markets, analyst opinions regarding the industry and specific announcements from peers
  • Ongoing Financial Media Outreach: Manage financial media enquiries and coverage
  • Social Media: Provide digital investor relations communications strategies
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