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FTI Consulting focuses on finding insights and intelligence our clients need to shape and achieve their strategic goals. We combine a multi-disciplinary team with in-country experience and expertise with a unique and well-tested network of sources and relationships to support tailored requirements ranging from asset tracing to enhanced background checks, political risk, internal compliance investigations to transactional due diligence. 

Working with many of the world’s largest corporates and law firms on their most sensitive issues, the integrity of our analysis and the confidentiality of client information underpin everything we do.

Our Service Offerings

Strategy & Market Entry

With a team of regional specialists and trusted networks of sources, our intelligence-led research provides verifiable information to help you make the right decisions. Our regional specialists assess the information against the political, economic and cultural context of the country or region, and can offer ongoing briefing support throughout the decision-making process. This intelligence and expertise can shape an effective and compliant strategy, helping you to enter the most challenging markets successfully.

Political & Security Risk

We offer baseline research, regular monitoring reports and tailored intelligence on specific critical issues focused on your interests that affect your operations. Our geopolitical analysis is built on extensive in-country sources and specialist regional teams composed of former diplomats, journalists, military officers, political experts and qualified lawyers. By combining these capabilities, we can provide detailed political analysis of a country and then drill down to the information requirements that matter most to your business.

Pre-transactional Due-Diligence

Our intelligence supports the investment decisions of the world’s largest corporates, banks and private-equity funds. Our research is discreet and focused, providing an objective assessment of the qualitative issues that ultimately determine the sustainability of a venture. We deploy a range of discreet in-country sources to build a comprehensive picture of relationships and issues. This information is then collated and assessed by our regional teams who, depending on the scale of the project, can recalibrate the focus of the investigation on the basis of interim feedback and verbal briefings from the client.

Third-Party Integrity

We routinely conduct enhanced investigative checks on country manager or agent candidates, key suppliers and local partners for multinational corporate clients. Moving quickly beyond reviews of open source and regulatory records, our work is based on a well-tested network of proprietary sources and in-country associates, allowing us to build an assessment of issues such as political exposure and vulnerability, local reputational profile and connections to criminal activities.

Internal investigations/FCPA

Our enquiries regularly encompass contextual data related to fraud or corruption-related irregularities, such as:

  • Local perceptions towards overseas subsidiaries within official or business circles
  • Lifestyles or conspicuous consumption of key managers
  • Beneficial ownership of vendors or suppliers
  • Personal or historical relationships between key personnel and outside parties

Litigation & Arbitration

Offering a range of litigation-related research capabilities, our work frequently helps inform the appropriate strategy to dispute-resolution and forms the basis for memorials and other court-ready documents. Investigations can be undertaken overtly or discreetly, and are always subject to rigorous conflict checks and confidentiality. We can identify assets, analyse corporate structures and unpick beneficial relationships and have extensive experience in multijurisdictional asset location, monitoring dissipation and advising clients on recovery. We combine comprehensive searches of publicly available material with discreet source enquiries in order to establish the location and value of assets.

Defending Against Hostile Takeovers

We support defensive strategies against activist investors or hostile takeovers, enabling you to better to understand the interests and drivers at play. Our work feeds into strategic decision-making, helps build regulatory submissions or forms the basis for an investor relations or media campaign. We regularly work closely with our in-house strategic communications specialists to build and execute an effective defensive plan.

Counterfeiting & IP

From suspicions to litigation or regulatory submissions, FTI Consulting provides a full range of services to clients facing IP theft or counterfeiting, including:

  • Specialist investigations to identify and gather evidence
  • Co-ordination with law enforcement agencies to impact seizures and arrests
  • Valuation of royalties and intangible loss
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Economic and commercial analysis in support of ITC Section 337 Investigations in the US

FTI Consulting has a well-established anti-counterfeiting practice in East Asia, focused on activities in China.

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