Forensic Investigations


FTI Consulting is an internationally recognised leader in independent investigation services to the business and legal communities. Our multi-disciplinary team of forensic accountants, investigators, data analysts and computer forensic experts work collaboratively to reveal the truths underlying corporate fraud, whistle-blowing, asset concealment, employee negligence, white-collar crime, and bribery & corruption.

With a proven track record in untangling some of the world’s most high profile financial crimes, our clients benefit from our global capabilities, in-country cultural awareness, access to corporate intelligence not always publicly available, and innovative technologies. We can act quickly to discretely and sensitively conduct investigations, use forensic science, safeguard assets and reputation, resolve matters with minimum disruption to the business, and prevent recurrences by implementing effective controls. Whatever help you need, we can assist at every stage of an investigation, tailoring our services to match the specific requirements of the case.

Our Service Offerings

Information Collection

  • Search publicly available information along with our own discreet source enquiries
  • Conduct interviews
  • Trace assets
  • Investigate beneficial relationships
  • Identify and preserve hard copy and electronic data and accounting records
  • Map relationships and ownership structures

Electronic Data Review & Analysis

  • Pinpoint relevant documents quickly using our in-house document review tool Ringtail
  • Uncover activity on electronic devices
  • Analyse large data sets to establish patterns and anomalies
  • Reconstruct accounting records
  • Verify the fact pattern and establish any discrepancies needing further investigation

Recommendations & Findings

  • Produce a report for key stakeholders that answers the who, what, when, where, how and why
  • Identify control weaknesses
  • Assist lawyers on the appropriate case strategy
  • Develop and implement a crisis communications strategy

Fraud Prevention/Mitigation

  • Evaluate compliance programs
  • Implement fraud protection strategies
  • Develop and implement appropriate systems, controls and corporate practices
  • Monitor and test policies and procedures
  • Train staff to adhere to compliance programs

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