Risk Management and Systems & Controls

The FTI Consulting Financial Services practice has extensive experience of evaluating, designing and embedding holistic programmes by risk area and overall business risk management programmes.

Our Services include:

  • Analysing and improving risk management systems and controls by evaluating the firm’s business strategy, risk appetite and holistic risk management programme. We also conduct deep dives on specific risks and topics, e.g. LIBOR, and new product design, and evaluate the effectiveness of compliance and other risk functions.
  • Preparing for regulatory interventions of specific business or risk areas including interviews, subject matter deep-dives, thematic and UK section 166 (s166) reviews, as well as assessing materials for submission to regulators. We are on several of the FCA and PRA Skilled Persons Panels.
  • Assessing financial capital impacts of risk, working with our economic consultants to quantify any aspects of risk – capital, liquidity and other valuations. Our technology and data analytics specialists can identify any underlying issues by capturing information and analysing transactions.
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