Third Party Due Diligence

We provide a web-based third party due diligence solution to address the compliance needs of global companies in today’s complex risk environment.

From distributors and sales agents to consultants and prospective joint venture partners, local third parties are often necessary to conduct business around the globe. Understanding these partners is vital to mitigating corporate risk abroad and at home.

Indeed, many government enforcement and regulatory agencies have established that companies and individuals can be criminally and civilly liable for the actions of third parties, and they have made it clear that a risk-based third party due diligence and ongoing monitoring program is an essential component of a healthy compliance program. However, even with extensive guidance available from these same global enforcement agencies, many companies continue to struggle with the challenge of implementing a meaningful, efficient and cost-effective system to manage third party risk in today’s complex compliance environment.

Compliance professionals continue to ask themselves: What level of due diligence is adequate? How can I possibly monitor hundreds of partners? Where should I allocate my limited compliance resources? How can I automate my third party due?

Our Solution: FTI COMPLY

  • Removes the uncertainty and eliminates the arbitrary approach to due diligence employed by many companies
  • Enables companies to centrally manage third parties through an interactive and customizable web-based platform
  • Includes a proprietary risk profiling methodology customized for each business model to ensure an appropriate level of due diligence is performed on the highest risk third parties while limiting the cost and administrative burden for lower risk partners
  • Tracks the results of risk-based due diligence efforts while maintaining related documentation for ease of review and monitoring
  • Allows for baseline due diligence to be conducted inside the application, and continually monitors third parties with daily checks against a comprehensive database of global enforcement activity, watch lists, PEPs, and media coverage
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