Forensic & Litigation Consulting

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Our multi-disciplinary Forensic and Litigation Consulting team helps clients in the business and legal community to combat fraud, financial crime, corruption and bribery. With increasingly complex governance and regulatory challenges, we also provide hands-on support to organisations both large and small, and their legal counsel, as a trusted and independent advisor.

So whether you are facing regulatory scrutiny, fraud allegations, financial crime or bribery and corruption allegations, our specialist team of investigators, forensic accountants, data analysts, financial services professionals and computer forensic experts help protect your business. Our technology expertise is key and we are able to analyse large and complex structured data sets to unravel complex financial transactions.

Our Service Offerings

Forensic Accounting Services

Revealing truths in corporate fraud, white-collar crime, bribery & corruption, whistle blowing and asset concealment… More

Data & Analytics

Providing in-depth analysis of large, complex, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data… More

Financial Services

Helping financial services firms meet their regulatory obligations and implementing robust systems and controls… More

Global Risk and Investigations

Providing insights and intelligence that support our clients’ tailored requirements to achieve strategic goals… More

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