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Claims & Disputes

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FTI Consulting provides efficient and effective support to clients, courts and arbiters to resolve disputes in litigation, arbitration, expert determination or mediation. We provide clear answers to questions involving finance, economics, valuation, accountancy and industry practice.

Our experts advise clients, courts and arbiters on a variety of important issues, including the theory and practice of finance, microeconomics and macroeconomics, and valuation.

We quantify damages, assess values, prepare formal reports and provide oral evidence for a wide variety of claims and disputes including breach of contract, tort and breach of treaty obligations.

Our team members regularly serve as expert witnesses before courts, tribunals and other decision-making bodies. In these forums, we provide articulate, relevant and reliable testimony on matters of fact or opinion.

Our familiarity with all aspects of the litigation and arbitration process enables us to help clients plan and implement appropriate dispute resolution strategies. Our goal is for our work to be efficient, effective and proportionate to what is potentially at stake.

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Key Contacts

Mark Bezant

Senior Managing Director, Head of EMEA & Asia-Pacific Economic & Financial Consulting

Mike Pilgrem

Senior Managing Director