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The digitisation of tax authorities has accelerated significantly in the last few years, with Making Tax Digital in the UK as well as many VAT, e-invoicing and corporate tax e-filings in Europe and beyond. In this world of digital taxation, regulators are collecting and analysing vast amounts of information.

Tax technology can provide taxpayers with the support they need to remain compliant, whilst also providing time efficiencies and enhanced reporting opportunities. Our Tax Technology Advisory team provides end-to-end advice across the tax technology spectrum, enabling our clients to solve their most pressing issues. Tax technology will also allow businesses to improve their overall tax processes — reducing risk, increasing efficiency and providing greater control over tax data and processes.

Our skilled team have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of tax technology and across all areas of taxation, from corporate tax automation, to indirect tax analytics, to statutory accounts and ERP integration. Comprised of specialists with Big Four accounting firm and software development backgrounds, our team offers unique client-focussed insights. We are also not aligned with any one tax software offering, meaning we are able to offer independent advice on the best possible solutions for each client.

The areas in which our Tax Technology Advisory team can help include:

  • Tax Technology Consulting – Our expert team advises tax departments on updates around new technologies, carries out current state analysis of clients’ existing use of tax software and tax data, and works with clients to build a vision of the future technology enabled tax function. From reviews to implementations, we support clients using our extensive experience and knowledge.
  • Tax Automation – We enable clients to move away from over-reliance on spreadsheets through assisting them with selecting and deploying tax software. Our team also helps clients with automating the gathering of tax data, the exchange of data in compliance processes and advises on using tools to perform effective modelling and planning on tax data. Our team can therefore improve efficiency and reduce risk, giving clients’ time back for higher value activities.
  • Tax Data Analytics – Our team are highly experienced in using data analytic techniques to review and improve the quality of tax data, creating diagnostic analytics for tax departments and deploying tax dashboards to monitor KPIs and tax metrics. We also perform reconciliations between data sources and prevent issues with filed data. Our experts help clients to get control of their data, to improve their business and ensure that they have full visibility of their business and tax requirements.
  • Tax Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Whether it’s machine learning, predictive analytics or natural language processing and generation, AI can mean many different things. Our experts work with clients to demonstrate where advanced technologies can create real value for their business; cutting through the hype to find a working solution for critical needs.
  • Online Filing - In the UK and beyond, businesses have to deal with many regulatory filings using government portals and APIs as well as submitting data in formats such as XML, iXBRL and SAF-T. Where clients need to deliver a solution for DAC 6 reporting, review MTD for VAT compliance, or ensure they are able to create a SAF-T or XBRL format document, our Tax Technology Advisory team has the team and the expertise to help.

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