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Research & Development Incentives, Patent Box and IP Strategy

FTI Consulting brings specialist insight to both R&D tax incentives and the Patent Box regime leading into tax advice for global IP strategy. Through the use of our proprietary R&D Index, our team assists claimants with R&D tax relief submissions and subsequent agreement with HMRC. We manage each stage of the claim process from guidance in identifying qualifying activities to the provision of tailor-made process tools for data management and cost collation.

Our tax consultants offer a unique approach to the assessment of qualifying activities. Through partnering with patent attorneys, we adapt their techniques in evaluating innovation to assess scientific advances against the requirements of the BIS guidelines. This unique partnership means we can readily assess the cost/benefit of patenting technology to allow clients to make informed decisions at the right time. This can drive significant long-term value.

Also, our team provides fully integrated Patent Box and IP advice in a way that other providers are unable to offer. FTI Consulting incorporates expertise from its leading economic consulting team that specialises in intellectual property. These skills are deployed to advise on the more challenging aspects of the Patent Box, including notional royalties, marketing assets and streaming.

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