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Independent Business Reviews

Our team is appointed by either financial stakeholders, who have concerns about a business they have an interest in and wish to appoint independent reporting accountants to review the situation, or by a business itself needing to better understand the reasons for underperformance. An FTI Consulting independent business review clarifies the situation for both financial stakeholders and the business by delivering a clear evaluation of the available options. Our services are tailored to the specific circumstances of each situation and is supported by FTI Consulting specialists, including operational, tax, insolvency and industry professionals, to review specific aspects of business plans.

A combination of the following elements will often be required:

  • Assessment of the validity of market and strategic assumptions
  • Evaluation of the management team and structure
  • Review of historical and forecast trading performance
  • Assessment of liquidity and related cash flow forecasts to understand and analyse the drivers of cash flow
  • Evaluation of whether the business has adequate liquidity to continue operating normally, thereby allowing time for financial stakeholders to consider their options
  • Assessment of debt capacity
  • Evaluation of stakeholder positions
  • Options analysis and appraisal
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