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The business restructuring services team at FTI Consulting provides comprehensive financial and operational restructuring services and advice to underperforming and financially stressed businesses, their lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our vast expertise of complex multi-stakeholder and multi-jurisdictional restructurings across many industries allows us to quickly ascertain the key issues and to help our clients implement viable and sustainable restructuring solutions. We have taken a lead role in many of the major restructurings in recent years, and our clients include all of the major global financial institutions, private equity houses, city law firms and many corporates.

Our Service Offerings

Lead Financial Advisory

Providing broad financial advice to support balance sheet restructurings, raising additional capital or refinancing… More

Independent Business Reviews

Clarifying the situation for stakeholders by providing an independent, clear evaluation of the available options… More

Business Planning

Providing a clear business strategy, an action plan linked to implementation and detailed financial projections… More

Operational Restructuring & Cost Reduction

Stabilising financial and operating performance, improving underlying operations to create client enterprise value… More

Crisis Management

Helping management navigate various financial, operational and strategic issues created by distressed situations… More

Short-Term Cash Management

Helping clients with cash pressures extend the time required to prepare, negotiate and execute a restructuring plan… More

Turnaround Management

Filling strategic decision-making positions to maintain momentum, set priorities, build morale and preserve continuity… More

Restructuring Tax Advisory

Delivering workable solutions for client tax issues arising from refinancing, restructurings and reorganisations… More

Insolvency and Contingency Planning

Maximising realisations for stakeholders using formal insolvency processes, advice and other enforcement procedures… More

Restructuring M&A

Acting in an accelerated time frame to conclude a value-maximising transaction that avoids damage to the business… More

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