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An operational improvement plan can deliver significant tangible financial and operational benefits. The FTI Consulting team of experts develops and implements plans that focus on margin improvement, cash flow initiatives and cost reduction opportunities for companies across a wide range of industries. We are equally capable of developing and implementing such performance improvement plans for healthy companies as those suffering from stress or distress. Our approach is centred on the identification and delivery of sustainable benefits, and our team helps clients drive operational change within their business.

Typical areas of focus include:

  • Identification and implementation of EBITDA and cash improvement initiatives
  • Working capital improvement plans
  • Assessment of cost reduction opportunities including outsourcing and shared services options and the right-sizing of overheads
  • Efficient manufacturing processes that consider optimal staffing levels and footprint rationalisation
  • Capex and investment reviews
  • Supply chain efficiency and processes

While our assignments are tailored to fit each company’s unique circumstances, we typically adopt a two-phase approach to our assignments. The first phase, a rapid diagnostic phase performed over a one to three-week period, seeks to identify, quantify and prioritise opportunities. The second phase is implementation, which focuses on accelerated delivery of the identified opportunities.

In addition, FTI Consulting has developed a ‘Fast Scan’ methodology that enables our supply chain and deal teams to focus on the most important issues and opportunities in a scan of just a few days and to identify key priorities for improvement.

Within the EMEA region and beyond, our team has an impressive track record of identifying and supporting the successful delivery of operational improvement opportunities across a wide range of industries.

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