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Contentious Insolvency

In situations involving litigation, fraud and/or asset tracing, it is important to act quickly to maximise the recoveries and to minimize the adverse impact on stakeholders’ interests. However, such situations are often complex and need to identify and trace assets on a cross-border basis. This requires an integrated approach across investigations, asset tracing, litigation, security enforcement and other recovery actions. The FTI Consulting Contentious Insolvency team has a reputation for delivering innovative solutions to complex problems and is highly experienced in complex, cross-jurisdiction insolvency and recovery assignments. Calling on the expertise of our international network, our Contentious Insolvency team works alongside law firms and assists clients (including major banks, lending institutions, shareholders, funds, corporates and regulators) to achieve maximum recoveries for stakeholders in challenging situations.

Our Contentious Insolvency team can:

  • Design and implement recovery plans, often utilising the powers of insolvency officeholders in multiple jurisdictions
  • Unravel complex financial transactions, reconstruct data from imperfect records and investigate alleged fraud, using our specialist forensics litigation consulting teams
  • Deploy data capture, storage and analytics capabilities, including our E-discovery software, to support litigation cases
  • Deploy multi-disciplinary investigation teams, comprised of former prosecutors, law enforcement officials and regulators, globally to gather actionable evidence
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