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Christopher Wedrychowski

Christopher Wedrychowski

  • Managing Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +44 (0) 20 3727 1237
  • F: +44 (0) 20 3727 1007
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    • 200 Aldersgate
    • Aldersgate Street
    • London, EC1A 4HD
    • United Kingdom
    • T: +44 20 3727 1000
    • F: +44 20 3727 1007

Chris Wedrychowski is a Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in London.  Through an early career with major contractors and developers both in the UK and abroad, Mr. Wedrychowski acquired considerable experience and skill in all aspects of quantity surveying, contract management and administration and related disciplines such as estimating, data management and in the use of delay impact programmes.  Working as a claims consultant over many years, Mr. Wedrychowski has gained extensive dispute resolution experience in the preparation and management of quantum and delay claims, and support to legal teams with construction disputes in litigation and arbitration.  Mr. Wedrychowski has also been appointed as a Quantum Expert.

Expert Appointment – Quantum

  • Appointed as Quantum Expert for a dispute at Arbitration between a subcontractor and contractor working on an LNG plant in Qatar.  The appointment involved the evaluation of the claimant’s measured work and claims and the Respondent’s counterclaims, including supervision and management of contribution from a team of five and giving evidence to the tribunal.


  • Represented the contractor in connection with a private residence project by referral of the dispute to arbitration; promptly resolved thereafter by negotiation.  
  • Management of consultancy team of eight in support to legal team, representing a contractor in a dispute concerning the value of the work and delays to completion of a shopping centre in Hastings.
  • Support to the Danish contractor’s legal team in a dispute over the delayed completion, acceleration and the value of an electrical transmission line project in Mozambique, by preparation of draft pleadings and responses to defendant’s case. Preparation of quantum for all claims and preparation of extension of time claims utilising delay impact programme techniques. 
  • Support to the employer’s legal team on a dispute over the value and delayed completion of a district cooling plant in Dubai.  
  • Management of a team supporting the employer’s legal arbitration team on a prestigious hotel and equestrian scheme in Dubai. Management and review of all quantum and delay claims and the preparation of reports on risks and potential liability which formed the basis of the Defence to the Statement of Claim. 
  • Review and assessment of claims for cost and delay on civil engineering projects for a major Dubai Government Department. Representing the client in direct negotiations with the Contractor to facilitate amicable settlement and/or commercial and technical support to the Client’s legal team in formal proceedings.
  • Management and supervision of team of eight assisting a contractor client in pursuit of remedies at Arbitration following contract termination by the government of Qatar.

Claims and Legal Support

  • Preparation of claims for extensions of time and recovery of loss and expense for the structures to the Spalding to Sutterton bypass in Lincolnshire, using impacted programme delay analysis techniques, leading to contractor’s successful negotiation of final settlement.  
  • Represented the contractor for a major hospital project in the preparation of claims for extension of time and recovery of loss and expense including presentations to and negotiation with the employer’s representative as a basis for the contactor’s final negotiations.  
  • Represented contractor of a shopping centre project in the management and preparation of variation claims, claims for extension of time and recovery of loss and expense, including formal presentation to employer’s agent and design team.
  • Represented the contractor for the Caruachi Dam project in Venezuela, by the preparation of claims for loss and expense in respect of labour and plant, leading to satisfactory interim award by employer.
  • Represented the contractor in the management and preparation of claims for extension of time and provision of contractual advice during the construction of an office development in Guildford.
  • Represented the contractor for a London office and residential development in the management and preparation of claims for extension of time, loss and expense by programme delay impact techniques. Preparation of reports and proposals in respect of town and country planning matters. Preparation of defence against counterclaims by the employer.
  • Represented the contractor of a design and build hotel project at Gatwick by advising on the relevance and application of special contract conditions in relation to variations and changes and on validity and admissibility of various works as variations and changes to the employer’s requirements.
  • Represented the contractor for a hotel at Heathrow in the preparation of claims for extension of time and in the management of a team preparing claim evaluations. Provided support to the legal team preparing submissions to aid a negotiated settlement. Established the evidence required to explain the construction methods and construction logic reflected in the contract programme. Provided alternative analysis of the extension of time to accord with the SCL protocol.
  • Represented Danish contractor in the preparation of an extension of time claim utilising delay impact programme techniques in respect of piling works to an oil / gas refinery in Kazakhstan.  Provided contractual advice and drafted contract correspondence during the project. Preparation of referral to aid negotiated interim settlement of claims and provision of guidance in the preparation of the final account. 
  • Represented a hospital trust in preparing a report on the validity of and liability for the SPV’s and contractor’s delay claims, including reviewing the contractor’s delay impact programmes and preparing independent analysis of delay.
  • Represented the MEP subcontractor on a renowned and prestigious tower project in Dubai, preparing claims for delay, acceleration and loss and expense and by the provision of contractual advice during the construction period.
  • Represented the electro-mechanical subcontractor for the Dubai Metro, managing a team of five, preparing claims for delay, acceleration and loss and expense.
  • Represented a contractor client in the management and preparation of claims for extension of time and financial compensation on two high-rise projects in Doha.
  • Represented landscaping contractor client in the preparation of delay and quantum claims on an airport project in Doha.
  • Represented a contractor client in the preparation of delay and quantum claims on a major retail development in Doha. 
  • Preparation of report on liability in respect of Contractor’s claims for delay and additional costs for a Developer client on a major retail development in Cairo.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Represented the main contractor on a theatre project in a subcontract dispute concerning delay and disruption to the complex reinforced concrete frame element of the works. Preparation of Scott Schedules and negotiation directly with subcontractor resulted in amicable settlement of the dispute.


  • Managed a team of eight representing the employer of a target cost contract for a major shopping mall in Dubai, by the review and audit of the contractor’s procurement and commercial management processes and procedures. Reporting with recommendations to defend contractor’s claims for cost and time, leading to amicable resolution by the parties.
  • Represented a UK national bank, undertaking a commercial due diligence review for the MBO of a UK fire services contractor. The establishment of performance criteria for all pre and post contract functions / activities.  Qualitative and quantitative review and analysis of all commercial operating practices and procedures. Detailed investigations and analysis of financial status, performance and reporting. Preparation of report with recommendations on risk.
  • Reviewing and advising on the project agreements of PFI bids for UK Met Office and BBC facilities, including administration of financial arrangements for engagement of all consultants and designers in the PFI bid team.
  • Management and preparation of subcontract tender BQs for the main contractor on the London White City retail development, including analysis and presentation of electronic data to permit subsequent monitoring and valuation of site works.
  • Management on behalf of a UK based developer of the procurement various residential and retirements schemes.
  • Management and preparation of a report for an Electrical Subcontractor working on an airport project, on the mobilisation of the site team, the structure and operation of the procurement team, the performance of the site management and the status of delays and additional costs together with recommendations for corrective action.


  • 12 years international experience with a major civil / building contractor.  5 years experience with a UK residential developer.
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