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Chris Larkin

Christopher Larkin

  • Senior Managing Director
  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting
  • T: +1 416 649 8082
  • F: +1 416 649 8101
Connect with Me:
    • TD South Tower, 79 Wellington Street West
    • Toronto Dominion Centre, Suite 2010, P.O. Box 104
    • Toronto, ON, M5K 1G8
    • Canada
    • T: +1 416 649 8100
    • F: +1 416 649 8101

Chris Larkin is a Senior Managing Director in the FTI Consulting Forensic & Litigation Consulting segment in the Construction Solutions practice and is based in Toronto. Mr. Larkin has more than 25 years experience in the construction industry, which includes 16 years specialising in contracts and claim management. His experience has embraced a number of complex projects, including building schemes, ship building projects, rail projects, mechanical and electrical installation, and various civil engineering schemes. He has worked in a variety of countries including the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East. Mr. Larkin is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a law degree and arbitration qualifications.

Mr. Larkin has been appointed as a planning expert witness and has acted as assistant expert witness on both delay and quantum matters. He has experience of mediation, adjudication, arbitration and major litigation proceedings. He has provided such services to contractors, employers, consultants and architects, and he has worked with a number of leading international law firms.

His claims management experience includes the forensic investigation of causes of delay and additional costs, delay analysis, quantum analysis, analysis of large quantities of complex data, drafting of statements of claim, evidence management and claim evaluation and rebuttal.

Mr. Larkin’s procurement management experience includes advice on procurement and contract strategy, drafting a framework agreement, drafting contract amendments and was the regional representative for a cost consultancy framework agreement with a UK government agency.

Mr. Larkinhas given a number of presentations, notably on practical completion, liquidated damages, extensions of time and aspects of UAE law. Chris has had a number of articles published in Construction Week, which is a Middle East weekly construction publication.

Professional Experience

Expert Witness

  • Planning Expert Witness in a matter referred to arbitration that was administered by and under the rules of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre. The dispute was between a Main Contractor and a Subcontractor. The amount in dispute was approximately AED 30 million. The issues concerned Substantial Completion, delays caused by variations, impact of work of other contracts, lack of access and site logistics. The hearing was held in Dubai in August 2010. Chris was cross examined by counsel for the Respondent over a period of half of a day.
  • Planning Expert Witness concerning a dispute on a commercial building development in the UAE. The building comprised basement floors, a ground floor, mezzanine floor plus 30 office floors. The issues concerned delays to the structural concrete, late nomination of supplies, variations and authority changes and approvals.
  • Planning Expert Witness regarding delays to MEP subcontract works on a car show room in the UAE. The causes of delay concerned late completion of the building works, variations and later provision of the permanent power supply.
  • Planning Expert Witness on a dispute on mixed use development. The dispute concerned a professional negligence claim made against an architect by a developer. Following an attempt at mediation, the dispute was referred to adjudication. The adjudicator agreed entirely with Chris’ opinion and consequently his decision completely exonerated the architect.
  • Planning Expert for the analysis of delays in connection with a PFI project for the development of a UK secondary school.
  • Assistant planning expert witness on a dispute between the contractor and client on a major airport project in the UK. Responsible for data capture and analysis of plant and labour deployed by the earthworks subcontractor.
  • Assistant planning expert witness in connection with the construction, installation and commissioning of a combined heat and power plant in the UK. Responsible for the modelling and assessment of delays.
  • Assistant planning expert witness on a dispute in the Technology & Construction Court in London. The dispute concerned the delays that occurred following a supplemental agreement to accelerate the works.
  • Assistant quantum expert witness on a dispute in arbitration between the contractor and a mechanical and electrical subcontractor. Responsible for analysis of plant and labour, additional work processes and loss of production.
  • Assistant planning expert witness on a ship building dispute in an Italian arbitration. Responsible for assessment the impact of the issue of additional and revised drawings.

Claims Preparation and Assessment

  • Preparation of claims for extensions of time on a US$ 440 million mixed use project development in Abu Dhabi. This involved the analysis of delays caused by a variety of issues including late issue of building permits, reduction of labour due to late payment and late instructions for nominated subcontractors.
  • Responsible for managing a team of consultants assessing claims for extensions of time and additional payment on a major highways project in the UAE. Tasks included a review of the claims, collation of evidence, research of the events, delay analysis, liaison with the client and its lawyers, preparation of reports and making presentations. Issues included delays cause by service diversions, resequencing of construction, possession of the site and additional work.
  • Preparation of claims for extensions of time and additional payment on a number of projects in Abu Dhabi. The matters in dispute included the late instruction for the appointment of a nominated subcontractors, adverse climatic conditions, delay in giving possession of the site, late provision of information and variations. Advice included drafting the contractual argument, delay analysis, assessment of additional costs incurred, including head office overheads and finance charges. The form of contract was generally FIDIC 4th edition.
  • Preparation of a claim for an extension of time on a large commercial building project in Abu Dhabi. Issues included the late issue of the building permit, significant design changes, exceptionally adverse weather conditions and concrete supply difficulties. The form of contract was FIDIC 4th edition.
  • Claims evaluation on behalf of a major UAE developer. Responsible for the assessment of claims from a sub-developer, contractors and consultants. Tasks included giving an independent opinion on the contractual position and forensic investigation of issues and quantum.
  • Prepared a claim on behalf of an engineering consultant for additional fees. The consultant had undertaken additional work for its client over a 3 year period without any additional payment.
  • Responsible for the assessment of the causes of the additional work and preparation of the claim. Following the submission of the claim, the client admitted liability and the parties settled the matter without the need to refer the dispute to adjudication.
  • Responsible for the analysis of the impact of the suspension of the works on a section of a major high profile UK building project. Prepared the claim against the party responsible for the suspension that detailed the delays caused and loss and expense incurred.
  • Preparation of a claim for an extension of time in connection with a contract for a new warehouse unit. The dispute concerned the delays that resulted from remedial works to a fibre reinforced concrete floor slab. The parties involved, including the designer of the floor slab, settled the dispute avoiding the matter being referred to adjudication.
  • Preparation of several claims in connection with a number of contracts for mechanical and electrical works. Responsible for the analysis of the issues and drafting of the claims.
  • Preparation of claims for the design and build contractor on a chemical processing plant. Assessed the issues and prepared the statement of claim.

Dispute Resolution

  • Arbitration support services to a Middle East government department in connection with a US$ 170 million dispute. Tasks included assistance with drafting the statement of defence and counterclaim, evaluation, appointment and briefing of the experts.
  • Arbitration supports services for a Dubai based contractor in connection with a dispute with a subcontractor regarding the supply and erection of pre-cast concrete units for an educational facility.
  • Arbitration support services in connection with a dispute concerning the termination of a contractor on a building development in Dubai. Tasks included researching of the issues regarding delays to the works and assisting the lawyers prepare the Statement of Claim.
  • Played a key role on behalf of a UK contractor in managing a major litigation in the Technology & Construction Court in London. Responsible for collating witness statements, dealing with disclosure, managing expert witnesses and research for counsel to prepare defence.
  • Expert opinion given on the method of measurement under a NEC Option C Target Price. The dispute concerned the items deemed allowable costs. Following the submission of Chris’ report, the parties resolved the matter without the need for a formal referral.

Procurement Management/Contract Administration

  • Responsible for providing contractual advice and contract administration for a major Dubai developer in connection with a US$350M rail transit project and a US$300M building development scheme. Tasks included drafting of the agreement for the operation and maintenance of the rail transit system; assessment of all claim submissions in respect of additional costs and/or extensions of time and dealing with all commercial and contractual issues. The forms of contract used were FIDIC 1999 Silver Book and FIDIC 1999 Yellow Book.
  • Drafted framework agreement for the award of mechanical and electrical works contracts under GC/Works form of contract. The contracts were a key element of the Courts and Tribunals Modernisation Programme in the UK.
  • Drafted many contract amendments for FIDIC, GC/Works, NEC and JCT forms of contract. This involved addressing clients’ specific needs and appropriately balancing risks.
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