Energy Flash - All (low-carbon) roads take business to Paris #COP21

Strategic Communications

July 15, 2015

The first global climate talks took place in 1995, and since then numerous climate change targets have been set. However, since then global emissions have doubled, we seem to be left with empty promises. Governments have been back-sliding on any realistic plans to meet agreed targets. The climate clock is ticking and with just four months until COP21, even Prince Charles and the Pope are getting involved, with the former calling for the end of fossil fuel subsidies, and the latter issuing a rare encyclical on global warming. Former Mexican President, Felipe Calderon recently stated that “If you allow the private sector to take actions and make profits, we can move faster than through Government actions”. So what can we expect from the Paris summit, and how is the business community getting involved? What challenges and opportunities will the transition to a low-carbon economy create for business? With this Energy Flash, FTI Consulting continues its series of analysis and commentary on the climate negotiations and the impact for the business community which will include contributions from our experts around the world.

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