Navigating Tax Transparency Risk

Will greater transparency mean budget shifts from tax to PR teams?

Corporate Finance | Strategic Communications

June 2, 2016

 European Commission flags

Join our Tax and Strategic Communication teams on this webcast as they share how MNCs are dealing with tax communications today as well as shedding light on how to approach public reporting from a tax and PR perspective.

Date: Thursday, June 2, 2016
Length: 45 minutes

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The European Commission has proposed public country-by-country reporting and many corporates will be ill-prepared for the need to disclose their financial results by country.

Now data will be public it will be more than just the tax departments of MNCs who will be losing sleep. Corporate communications will now need to consider how this data will be used and what they should be telling their shareholders, their customers and the board.

With the growing rise in media attention to all things tax related, public reporting is likely to leave more companies open to media scrutiny, resulting in a rise in public interest creating social media noise and calls for boycotts.


  • Louise Harvey, Chair of Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting
  • James Melville-Ross, Senior Managing Director, Strategic Communications
  • Kirsty McMillan, Managing Director, Corporate Finance


  • Ruth Steedman, Managing Director, Corporate Finance

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