Introducing Competition in the Provision of Onshore Electricity Transmission Networks

Energy & Utilities

March 30, 2017

Since the privatisation of the electricity sector in 1990, the transmission of electricity, mainly through a network of pylons and high voltage cables, has been the preserve of three monopoly businesses that are regulated by the energy markets regulator, Ofgem. Recently, however, Ofgem has suggested that it might be better for British consumers if competition were to be introduced into the sector.

FTI Consulting was appointed to act as independent facilitators of a series of workshops with National Grid and the IWG, and to help provide details on two possible Early Models of onshore competition in transmission. In doing so, the report aims to reflect the broad consensus views of IWG members and to highlight differences of opinion and areas for further work where appropriate, for example in relation to some of the underlying trade-offs required.

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