Understanding the Economic Implications of Brexit


Having credible evidence to guide your business planning, investment decisions and any public outreach will be essential.

You may be considering:

  • How could Brexit potentially impact the business and its investments?
  • Could existing supply chains be disrupted?
  • What is commercially acceptable?
  • What are the different scenarios we need to plan for?
  • What evidence do we need to support our public position?
  • What do our key stakeholders think?

Clarify the potential impacts:

Anticipate and prepare for change. Ascertain what are the best and worst case scenarios for your organisation.

How FTI Consulting can help

FTI Consulting’s Business Transformation and Economic & Financial Consulting practices have the skills and experience to help clients anticipate and prepare for the challenges ahead.

  • Scenario planning - Assess the potential impact to inform your business planning and any potential lobbying activity
  • Rapid performance improvement - Identify priority areas to be addressed in the wider Brexit change programme
  • Supply chain strategies - Reassess the organisation’s operating model
  • Manufacturing footprint - Redefine the optimal manufacturing strategy and footprint based on new tariffs, duties, volumes and costs
  • Distribution network design - Define the optimum logistics network configuration to compete effectively in the new market
  • Procurement - Assess key contract and supply risks as a result of new legal landscape: data ownership, customs borders
  • Market Research - Gauge investor sentiment, staff views, public opinion

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