Value-Driven Restructuring

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April 9, 2020

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Our experienced team is skilled at engineering and executing formal and informal solutions to maximise value from distressed or insolvent companies. Whether it’s providing an in-depth turnaround plan to drive value in a restructure, or supporting clients in more distressed situations on how to move forward with a sale or exiting the business.

Our senior leaders and qualified liquidators can accept formal appointments across Australia and can swiftly mobilise a team on the ground to respond to the urgent needs of a client. They combine an unprecedented depth of knowledge and experience across regions, geographies and technical capabilities – tailored to the situations and challenges facing a business. Our primary focus is always to provide the best outcome possible for stakeholders. We are also accustomed to dealing with the practical issues that are the difference between success and disaster.

Maximising value for stakeholders

The reasons for erosion of value in a business are many and varied. The stress curve below shows the volatility of a business based on where they sit in the spectrum. Our turnaround and restructuring experts provide solutions across each stage according to the financial and operational needs of the company:

  • Performance improvement and pursuing opportunities
  • CRO/Interim management support
  • Turnaround and restructuring advisory
  • Liquidity management
  • Restructuring through formal appointments when insolvent

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