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January 25, 2021

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The Success Hub provides around the clock, on-demand access to key resources. From project discipline expertise to technology evangelists, through a robust web-based ticketing and knowledgebase system, Success Hub supports long-term success in delivering projects and enterprise transformations. This service provides timely responses to requests by tracking them from submission to resolution, with accurate routing to appropriate resources and including a Service Level Agreement to ensure successful outcomes.

Success Hub Technology Highlights

  • Multi-channel support platform to get in touch with our experts
  • Integration with most leading IT support systems (ServiceNow, Jira, Zendesk, and others)
  • Unlimited 24/7 monitoring of requests
  • Powerful reporting capabilities to ensure Service Level Agreements are met

How Success Hub Enables Your Success

Success Hub puts successful project delivery where it should be – the top priority. On-demand, timely answers to resolve business challenges will maximize your organization’s ROI on projects and ensure that all expected business objectives are fully realized.

The Success Hub provides:

  • Accelerated adoption of new processes/technology by the user base maximizes your organization’s ROI, ensuring that all expected business objectives are fully realized
  • Flexible and customizable commercial models based on your needs
  • Timely solutions to business challenges on a day-to-day basis
  • Identification of gaps in capabilities from people to process to technology and data

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