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October 25, 2018

Often, many real estate owners and lenders face the challenges of maturing debt, complex capital structures, and differing opinions of value and projected cash flow. Our team of highly experienced professionals helps stakeholders—companies and owners; secured lenders; unsecured creditors; and trustees, receivers and examiners—decide how to preserve current value and create future value. Responding to troubled loans and market changes is challenging for all parties. FTI Consulting offers restructuring services for both debtors and creditors and guides clients through restructuring, capital sourcing, and resolution of distressed debt both in and out of court. Our professionals also provide strategic communications on all aspects of real estate restructuring issues.


Company–Owner Advisory

Our real estate restructuring professionals have hands-on operational and financial expertise. They work closely with management, our clients’ legal advisors–both in and out of court, and related advisory professionals to address all technical requirements and recommend needed operational improvements related to the restructuring of real estate. We negotiate the issues, helping to create and support an environment of improved trust and communication, within which a comprehensive solution can be crafted enabling management to enhance and protect stakeholder value.

Secured Lender/Special Servicer Advisory

We offer secured lenders a broad range of strategic and technical skills, hands-on experience and the ability to apply advanced analytic tools to the unique demands of each situation. Our reputation for technical excellence, in-depth analytics, practical objectivity and negotiating expertise are all critically important to our success—and key in winning acceptance of our recommendations and opinions. Regardless of the ultimate resolution, we provide decision makers with reasoned and documented analyses regarding all viable alternatives and help clients identify and pursue strategies that maximize recovery.

Unsecured Creditors/Committees Advisory

We work with unsecured creditors and their professional advisors to help them analyze and understand the complex body of information and assumptions, as well as the interpersonal dynamics and negotiating positions of the parties involved. FTI Consulting restructuring professionals are highly experienced with proven track records of success in some of the most complex real estate restructuring events in recent memory.

Trustee–Receiver Services

FTI Consulting professionals have served as court-appointed trustees, examiners and receivers (and their advisors) in Chapters 7 and 11 bankruptcy and forfeiture matters. We have been involved in some of the most significant out-of-court and judicial restructurings of the last two decades and understand the particular technical issues, risks and nuances that can arise in these circumstances.

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