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November 25, 2019


In an industry facing continuous change, every real estate stakeholder has unique objectives, constraints, operational circumstances and economic realities. We understand the importance of an independent advisor, and through our deep experience and capabilities we are able to provide a broad range of real estate services to our clients.

Our dedicated Real Estate Solutions team brings together a complementary combination of genuine hands-on experience, expertise and leadership. We help real estate owners, users, investors and lenders to navigate the market’s complexities, execute transactions and manage inherent risks and challenges.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of corporate advisory and insolvency as it relates to the real estate industry. It underpins our ability to support public and private organisations, financiers, credit providers and other stakeholders. We specialise in helping clients to improve profitability, restructure, reposition, or transact, and ultimately assist with driving successful real estate outcomes for their particular business.

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