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July 9, 2018

Data privacy and protection was always important. Now it’s critical.

In the post-GDPR, landscape, companies now better understand the importance of paying attention to how they gather, handle and secure data. There is no doubt that the sizeable fines have greatly concentrated minds: the data breaches which have taken place since 2013 alone would , under GDPR rules, have resulted in fines totalling over $4bn.

With further data privacy regulations on the horizon, the uncertainty and the commercial dangers will only grow. Organisations therefore now need to consider the level of expertise and support they require to protect their future interests.

How FTI Consulting can help you navigate the new Data Protection Landscape:

DPO Specialists

It has been estimated that current global data privacy needs will require more than 75,000 Data Protection Officers. Recruiting an experienced DPO can be challenging, and we can provide seamless access to data privacy and protection specialists on a fractional, cost-effective basis.

Global Expertise

Data protection is becoming a global phenomenon with over 50% of the world’s countries now implementing data privacy laws. FTI Consulting has an eye on the regulatory horizon and is working closely with European, US and global compliance bodies to understand the implications of the changing landscape.

Regulatory Influence and Insight

The GDPR has made Europe a world leader in data protection, and it is likely that many European supervisory authorities will continue to pursue stricter privacy and protection measures. Our team of data privacy and protection experts liaise closely with regulators in all of the key jurisdictions.

A Comprehensive Service

Data privacy is not a tick box exercise. It must drive cultural change at all levels of your organisation. Our GDPR team are experienced regulatory change practitioners who will assist you at every step along the compliance journey.

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