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November 18, 2020


The issues facing local government are becoming ever-more complex, as populations grow, and the community demands higher service levels. Successful local governments engage transparently and confidently with a full understanding of the impacts of the issues before them.

At FTI Consulting, our broad service offering adds valuable capacity to local governments addressing the complex challenges ahead. We provide evidence-based critical insight and analysis on a range of economic issues to inform decision making for councils and shape outcomes for communities.

Our Australian team includes senior experts in economics, regulation and policy advice, who have extensive experience working with local governments around the country. This experience gives us a detailed and nuanced understanding of the drivers for local government.

Our local government services include:

  • Project advisory and business cases
  • Precinct renewal strategies
  • Economic development strategies
  • Cost monitoring
  • Revenue support
  • Regulation review and design
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Economic impacts
  • Program evaluation

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