Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure

Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure

October 26, 2017

FTI Consulting’s hospitality, gaming and leisure professionals have served as financial advisors for companies in the midst of landmark changes. As one of the pre-eminent crises and change management consultancies, FTI Consulting brings a wealth of experience to its clients including strong leadership skills, critical financial acumen, hands-on management experience, effective decision making and a wealth of resources. Underlying all of our advice and actions is our deep industry experience working across a wide range of assets and jurisdictions, which allows us to understand, evaluate and act decisively on strategy. Our involvement has been critical in enabling stakeholders to protect and preserve client’s rights and asset values, improve their operations in a cost-effective and timely manner, and maximize recoveries for owners, investors and lender groups.

Why FTI Consulting?

Experienced Professionals

The Real Estate and Infrastructure group at FTI Consulting has worked on some of the most high profile real estate/hospitality assets across the spectrum of resort, casino, hotel, motel, golf courses and ancillary leisure activities.


The FTI Consulting team brings valuable industry expertise and specialized knowledge on advising creditors and other stakeholders with great successes maximizing recoveries for creditors up and down the capital stack in all kinds of structured investments.

Unmatched Credibility

We have assisted numerous creditors, developers and owners around the country in negotiating balance sheet restructurings, operational improvements and asset management.

Spot on Expertise

We have the experience needed in dealing with the intricacies of transactions including hotel management contracts, franchise agreements, etc.

Track Record

FTI Consulting has numerous recent, relevant successes in hospitality situations in all segments of the market in all locations.

“Road Tested” Analytical Tools

We quickly assesses the situation and provide deliverables significantly faster than other comparable firms.

Right Team

FTI Consulting has over 100 professionals dedicated to hospitality and real estate throughout the world from which local teams can leverage their experience on various cases.

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