High Grade Financial Management for Mining Businesses

Corporate Finance & Restructuring | Mining

November 11, 2020


Our mining finance specialists bring strategic insight and practical understanding to the financial and commercial optimisation of mining businesses. With an appreciation of orebody value and knowing “what good looks like” in mine financial and commercial systems, our experts deliver pragmatic solutions to drive business improvement.

With decades of experience managing listed mining businesses, and as trusted advisors to mine capital providers, we know how finance teams can play a critical role supporting operations to drive returns. The best mining finance teams go well beyond “just adding up the numbers” by delivering strategic leadership, systems and analysis for enhanced operational, financial and commercial decision making.

Our experts support management teams, delivering transformational solutions across the eight key mine financial and commercial disciplines, adapted to individual business circumstances:

  • Planning
  • Performance
  • Cashflow
  • Corporate
  • Balance Sheet
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Systems

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